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filtered is a cross-platform tool for editing SVG filters. filtered is written in Java and released under BSD license. It uses Apache Batik for SVG rendering.

There are installers for Windows and Mac OSX, and a Java JAR package (using Java 7) for other platforms. Please visit the download pages or get the source and compile it yourself.

filtered is targeted for visual editing of SVG filters, and doesn't provide general vector drawing capabilities. It is meant to be used as a companion for a vector editing package, to allow better control over SVG filter creation and editing.

Please read the user's guide for further information.

filtered can be used for creating all kinds of image filters, from simple drop shadows and glows to complex synthetic texture creation. See gallery for some examples!

See following youtube videos for short tutorials:
Creating a simple drop shadow filter
Creating a distortion filter
Applying filters to an existing SVG image

If you wish to contribute to the project, please join as shown on the project summary page.

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